Weber Druck+Display

Shelf-Wobbler / Dangler

The wobbler grabs the attention of the customers who are passing through more or less automatically. The movement of the wobbler can be released just by a slight puff caused by moving customers at the POS. Combined with an attractive artwork, the wobbler is designated to point out special offers or prices at the sales rack.

We offer wobblers in individual forms and sizes either on white or transparent materials. Furthermore we offer a special lenticular version which allows up to 3 different pictures on the surface. This version will captivate the customers at the POS as well as giving you the opportunity to place up to 3 times more information on the wobbler.


Wobbler types

Standard wobbler with integrated arm

Wobbler with customized die cut

Wobbler both-sided printed

Wobbler with twisting slot

Wobbler with Lenticular-Effekt