Weber Druck+Display

Countertop Display

Tresendisplay Tobacco

The countertop displays as well as the dispensers around the cashier’s desk present your product right where the waiting customers are led to unpremeditated buying. Highlighting your product by using additional visual stimulations like LED-Flashers or an element of motion will raise this effect even more and will guarantee a product differentiation.


Countertop for product presentation

Tresendisplay Petit

Sophisticated created dispenser for the cashier’s area raises the presumption of unpremeditated buys. This sample uses a paper similar to a canvas. Due to corresponding artwork the attention is drawn to the product.

Sales tray in special forms

Verkaufstray Danske


Combine the layout, the product message and the designs of sales presenter. The example shows a sales dispenser for tobacco pouches with a special marine flavor.