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Promotion packaging

Promotionverpackung Box Lapaz

A mailing helps you stay in contact with your customers. But it must stand out from the crowd. By using a promotion package as a mailing or handout, you create an air of mystery. An interestingly or informatively presented product sample or giveaway will arouse curiosity in your campaign. The box is designed for the customer to receive the product in a more attractive way which can be a playful thing when unpacking it and thus focusing the attention even more. Handing this ensemble over on an occasion like a product launching or any other event would certainly be a highlight.


This is the best way to capture a prospective customer’s attention. Your product and message will leave a lasting impression. A good possibility to keep you in mind.


Possibilities are the use of e.g. metalized cardboards or magnet locks. All these special things will bring additional attention to your product.

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