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Lenticular Ceiling Banner

Lentikular-Deckenhänger Becks

Especially in buildings with high ceilings, lenticular ceiling banners are a great thing to get the attention of customers at the POS to your brand or product. Also two-sided versions are available.

Lenticulars for magazines and publishing products

Lenticular Banderrole


In cooperation with publishing houses there are several possibilities to get the attention of the reader to your product. Using a lenticular banderole, a lenticular cover or supplements based on lenticulars will help to extend the time the reader spends with your product or your brand.

Desk mats with 3D-lenticular effect

Schreibtischunterlage Febi Bilstein

A lenticular desk mat combines the benefit of a desk mat with the creative possibilities of a lenticular print. The result is a high quality advertising media or promotion product with a captivating 3D-depth effect. Also other lenticular effects are possible.


Fixed or loose magazine inserts

Lenticular Beileger Opel

Lenticular cards are perfect as an add-on for classic print advertisements. Fixed or loose lenticular inserts in magazines will grab attention from potential customers and up value your advertisement.


Lentikular Plakat Telekom

Advertising posters with lenticular effects are great for POS advertising. Posters in larger formats placed in shop windows combined with an attractive artwork bring people to stopping by. On top, lenticulars which are illuminated from the back (like backlits) will provide a fantastic brilliance of colors.


Lentikular Displaytobber Delifrance

It is possible to apply a self-adhesive film on the reverse of a lenticular. So this self-adhesive lenticulars can be fixed on many different surfaces e.g. POS displays, rack topper or product packages.

Lenticular-Postcard with zoom-effect

Lentikular-Postkarte Zoom Puma


Zoom pictures are perfect for highlight special product details or the name of your brand.


Packaging (legal protection)

Lentikularverpackung Schuber


Lenticulars are ideally suited for packaging or high quality mailings. The illustrated version of a slip case presents your product in an exciting environment and already opening the package will be a highlight.


Lentikular-Backlits Sky

Backlits on the base of lenticular films are combining two advantages out of two worlds. An illumination of advertising space raises attention. Combined with a spectacular 3D images or a filp or motion image the observer will be appealed.




A traditional product redefined by using lenticular effects.

Handset holder



Many of your customers keep their mobile right on their desk – so why not in our universal “hand set holder” with your individual message and design in front of them?